GNABC Ministries


Deacon Ministry
Dea. Winifred Freeman - Leader
Deaconess Ministry
Sis. LeDina Hill - Leader


Coordinator of Ushers and Training
Bro. Jimmy Turner - Leader


Earl Cotton, Sr. Usher Ministry
Dea. Marion Hall - Leader


Rallis Jones, Sr. Usher Ministry
Sis. Mary Thomas - Leader


Ruby Cooper Youth Usher Ministry
Sis. LeeGretta McFarland - Leader

Food Service Ministry
Sis. Kamala Jackson- Leader


Greeter/Hospitality Ministry
Sis. Brenda Lawrence - Leader

Choir Ministry
Bro. Desmond Smoot - Leader


W. I. A. Ministry
Sis. Celia Ardis - Leader


Youth Advisory Council
Sis. DeBora Hall - Leader